Access to the household waste recycling centres in Newbury and Padworth

  1. From 26 September 2016, only people who live in West Berkshire are entitled to use our recycling centres at Padworth and Newbury.

    To check that people using these services are residents, we've issued permits that need to be displayed when taking things for disposal and recycling.

    Please use this form if you need a permit for your van or hire vehicle. You can also use this form if you haven’t received your car permit, need a replacement or have recently moved into the area.

  2. If you need help completing this form please email or phone (01635) 519080.
  3. Is your permit for *
  4. Does your vehicle have any company sign writing or livery? *
  5. Sorry, we don't allow vehicles with company sign writing or livery on them to use our recycling centres

    In some circumstances you may be able to apply for a Temporary Permit .

    Please read our Recycling Centre User Guide for more information.
  6. Are you renewing your commercial vehicle permit? *
  7. Is the height of your vehicle over 2m? *