Request a collection for your unwanted Green Bin

 This form is to request a collection of your unwanted green bin. We will contact you to let you know when your bin(s) will be collected.

    1. Before you complete the form you may wish to consider if:

      • - your green bin can be used for collection of food waste (there is no additional charge for this service).

      • - your green bin can be used for collection of garden waste, if you require a collection you can subscribe here.

      • - you wish to hold onto your green bin in case you want to subscribe to the garden waste service in the future. You can subscribe here.

      • - you can keep your bin and use it for something else other than waste collections, for example storage in your garden or garage. Some people have converted their green bin into a water butt, wormery or composter.

      • - you can take your unwanted green bin to Padworth Recycling Centre during opening hours. Please speak to a member of staff on arrival.

  1. Agreement
    1. If you have considered the above options and still wish to proceed for your unwanted green bin to be collected please tick below.