For any spare seats on our school buses to school pupils and post-16 students, and can also be used to apply for train passes

This service is for applying for the school transport farepaying scheme. You can read about the school transport farepaying scheme here.

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  1. DECLARATION – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY To be completed by parent or guardian
    1. I have checked the Farepayer Scheme guide to determine whether I qualify for a guaranteed place on a school bus. I understand that if I do not qualify for a guaranteed place, there may not be any transport available.

    2. I agree to pay the relevant cost, as detailed in the current Farepayer Scheme guide.

      The Standard Rate applies to all primary, secondary and Post 16 students and is £744 per student for the 19/20 school year.

      The price of a train pass varies according to the journey. Please contact us to confirm the cost of your particular journey.

      I understand that transport for Farepayers is only awarded for one year at a time, so I will need to reapply every year.