For discounts at leisure and sports centres.

  1. Card Applied for *
    1. Concessionary - Reason
    2. Proof of entitlement for concessions would also be required

  2. From which centre do you wish to collect the card / have the card associated with
    1. You will need to bring in proof of identity and residency to collect your card.

  3. Contact Details
    1. Name
      1. dd/mm/yyyy
    2. Address Postcode
    3. Address Details
        1. Numbers, spaces, + , ( , and ) are all valid characters
      1. Your telephone contact details may be used to contact you if a course or a class for which you have booked has to be cancelled.
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      4. * Please enter either an e-mail address or phone number to allow staff to contact you when your card is ready.
      5. Your details including your e-mail address may be used to keep you informed about programme developments, services and events.

  4. Additional Information about Yourself
    1. Please complete these questions so that we can make sure that we are meeting the leisure time needs of all communities and individuals in the District. All of the information you give will be kept completely confidential and is only used as part of high level monitoring reports.
    2. Gender
    3. Do you have any long-standing illness, disability or infirmity?
    4. ('long standing' means anything that has troubled you over a period of time or that is likely to affect you over a period of time)

    5. To which of these groups do you consider you belong?

    6. Terms and Conditions
      1. For further information, see Terms and Conditions (pdf)

  5. Email Confirmation
  6. For Office Use Only