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End of week 22

Progress with drainage works and reinstatement.

Posted by: Network Improvements Team on 08 March 2021 11:05

This week saw the construction of the manholes for the new drainage system in the widened carriageway on the northbound side of the A339. These manholes are constructed so that they will be flush with the finished surface level. 

Week 22 Manhole

Progress has been made with reinstatement in the sections where infrastructure has been moved. Directly on top of the ducting a layer of sand is laid, so that its location can be easily determined in the case of any future excavations. This is because the sand contrasts with the material in the surrounding area, this highlighting the presence of utilities. 

Week 22 Manhole construction

The surface level is then built up using a coarse aggregate which is rolled to ensure sufficient compaction. This is the foundation for the tarmac surface which will be laid later.

Week 22 Reinstatement

Activities on site next week:

  • Continuing to lay drainage in the southern section of the northbound carriageway. 
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