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End of week 27

Northbound carriageway gullies have been constructed and street lighting being installed.

Posted by: Network Improvements Team on 12 April 2021 10:13

The final stages of the new drainage system for the northbound carriageway were installed last week. A number of gullies were constructed along the new kerb line, which will feed into the previously installed carrier pipe. A short trench is excavated between the gully location and the main pipe to allow for a connection. 

Week 27 gulley connection

Once the connection between the gully and drain has been constructed, the trench can be backfilled. 

Week 27 Gulley backfill

Previously we have installed ducting infrastructure to allow the installation of the street lighting, in its new position behind the new carriageway alignment. The street lighting columns have started to be installed.

Week 27 Street Lighting

Activities on site next week:

  • Reconstructing carriageway up to binder course level. 
  • Finishing installing street lighting on northbound carriageway. 
Last modified: 03 November 2021 17:05

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