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End of week 45 through 48

Pavement construction is under way.

Posted by: Network Improvements Team on 06 September 2021 09:20

The last few weeks have seen progress with pavement construction, for both the carriageway and footpath. Both of these sections follow a very similar construction process, although both have different construction depths to allow for the difference in loads between vehicles on the carriageway and that of a pedestrian on the footpath. 

Now the kerb line for the footpath has been finished, material is being laid to form the pavement. The first stage is to lay a stone which is then compacted. This serves as a foundation for the tarmac layers which will be laid above. A completed access chamber can be seen which acts as a terminal for the traffic light infrastructure. 

Week 46 Footway Type 1

A large stone tarmac layer is laid next, which the final surface course will be laid on to. 

Week 46 Footway Binder

The same layers have to be laid for the carriageway too, with the first sections being the compacted stone which also builds up the carriageway to the tarmac levels. 

Week 46 Carriageway Type 1

The paving machine as seen in the picture above then lays the tarmac binder course, by evenly spreading the material to specified thickness.

Week 46 Carriageway Binder 2

Activities on site next week:

  • Complete laying material up to binder course, in preparation for final surface course.
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