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Newbury welcomes new car club operator to the town

Enterprise Car Club and West Berkshire Council have joined forces to bring an exciting new transport service to Newbury.

Posted by: Communications on 07 September 2021 12:03
2021 Car club launch

Issued on: 7 Septemeber 2021.

Residents, visitors, and businesses in the town can now join Britain's largest privately held car club with the arrival of Enterprise Car Club. New electric and hybrid vehicles are sited at five locations in Newbury and are available from a low cost per hour.

Membership of Enterprise Car Club gives users access to a growing network of more than 1,400 on-street low emission, hybrid and electric vehicles at Enterprise Car Club locations in 180 cities, towns and communities across the UK. Many Enterprise Car Club vehicles are located at transport hubs including cars parked within 500 metres of 180 railway stations.

Dan Gursel, Managing Director of Enterprise Car Club, said:"We are delighted to work with West Berkshire Council to launch this service which will help reduce congestion and improve air quality by enabling people to make more sustainable travel choices.

"We are expanding Enterprise Car Club across the UK to reach communities large and small, so that people can quickly and easily pick up low emission and value for money cars when that is the best choice for their journey."

Cllr Steve Ardagh-Walter, Executive Member for the Environment at West Berkshire Council, said: "We are looking forward to this new partnership with Enterprise which will expand the car club service across the district.

"New electric vehicles will give residents and businesses a financially attractive alternative to car ownership and will help in reducing our carbon footprint.  

"This improvement to the car club forms part of our Environment Strategy Delivery Plan to encourage more use of electric vehicles and inspire alternative travel options across the district."

Cllr Richard Somner, Executive Member for Planning, Transport and Countryside at West Berkshire Council, said: "For those who have never tried out the car club, it's a quick and easy process that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's a different way to car/van ownership where you only pay for a vehicle when you need it.

"The costs are very reasonable as you can pay by the hour or per day so for those who don't have the space or don't own a vehicle, including businesses who may need a larger vehicle, the car club is a great alternative.

"We envisage more people will sign up to the car club with the new introductory offers available saving individuals more money. With road space for parking vehicles reducing and environmental consciousness continuing to grow, the car club is becoming a popular economical step."

Residents, businesses and visitors can sign up to Enterprise Car Club by visiting: Smartphone users can book and access vehicles instantly using their phone without the need for keys.


Anyone with a West Berkshire postcode or who is an existing member of the previous car club, there are some limited time offers available:

  • Join for £1, plus get £10 FREE driving credit, using promotional code NEW110, saving new members with a West Berkshire postcode £59. This offer expires on 19 November 2022 but promotional T&Cs apply
  • Join for FREE, plus get £25 FREE driving credit, when joining from a previous Car Club provider and reside in West Berkshire, using promotion code NEW025 but promotional T&Cs apply
  • Discounts available for members of the Armed Forces, NHS and Emergency Services

Car club vehicles are available in the following locations:

  • 8 Bells Car Park
  • The Kennet Centre
  • Oddfellows Road
  • West Street
  • Boundary Road

More details on the car club benefits can be found online.

Picture (l-r): Randall Rickabaugh (Enterprise), Cllr Richard Somner (WBC), Alec Gore (WBC), Cllr Steve Ardagh-Walter (WBC), Jamie Hicks (Enterprise)

Last modified: 19 October 2021 08:10

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