Section 178 Highways act 1980 Application to locate a crane on a highway.

  1. Payment required
    1. A fee of £167.00 is payable for this licence

      Payment can be made online immediately after submitting this form.
      Payment can be made using the following methods:-

  2. Conditions and Information
    1. The consent to locate a crane on the Highway will be subject to the following conditions:

      1. The client shall, on demand, make good any damage, or pay West Berkshire Council (hereinafter referred to as “the Council”) the cost of taking up, relaying, making good and restoring the public highways, which will or may be occasioned or rendered necessary by the location of the said crane.

      2. The client shall cause the said crane to be lit at each end during the period from half an hour after sunset to half an hour before sunrise during the hours of darkness, using amber flashing lights not more than six metres apart. Where the crane is more than six metres in length, intermediate amber lamps must be placed so that they are not more than six metres apart.

      3. The client shall comply with any additional requirements Thames Valley Police or the Council may impose.

      4. The consent granted shall not derogate from or prejudicially affect any powers of the Council, which are not expressly referred to, and this consent shall become void upon breach of any conditions thereof.

      5. Adequate precautions shall be taken to protect property and members of the public, including signing and guarding in accordance with Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual (Traffic Safety Measures and Signs for Road Works and Temporary Situations)

      6. No materials are to be stored on the highways adjacent to the crane without separate prior authority.

      7. Access to properties must be maintained at all times.

      8. Suitable mats shall be placed under the outriggers to spread the load over the highway surface.

      9. The permission granted does not provide exclusion from any traffic regulation orders in place on the highway.

      Additional Information

      A minimum advance notice period of four weeks is required for each licence application. This will start from the date at which West Berkshire Council receives the application. Please note that a longer notice period may be required, depending on the proposed traffic management, or other activities that are taking place on the highway. No works may take place until the client is in receipt of their licence, duly signed by an authorised Highways Authority officer. Any instances where works take place without the written consent, or where there are breaches of the conditions imposed by the Highways Authority, will be referred to our legal team.

      Depending on the traffic management that is to be erected, the sensitivity of the cranes’ location, and the timing of the operations, an inspection fee of between £50 and £300 may be applicable. This fee will be in addition to the standard £128 application fee. There will be additional fees applicable if a carriageway/footway closure is required. The processes and costs will be explained on application.
  3. This Application must be accompanied by
    1. We strongly advise having this information prepared before completing this form:
      1. Proof of valid Public Liability Insurance, indemnifying West Berkshire Council from all liability in respect of Third Party Claims, minimum value of £10,000,000 for any single claim, and an unlimited number of claims.
      2. Proof that the contractor is VAT registered (e.g. the company’s letter head, showing the VAT registration number).
      3. A scale OS plan (min 1:500) showing the detailed layout of the proposed traffic management, location of the crane and anticipated radius of operation.
      4. There will be a standard fee of £167.00 per licence.
      5. Ensure that you have read and understood the conditions and additional information contained within this application pack, and agree the declaration below.
  4. Declaration
    1. I have read and understood the conditions and information contained in this application pack. I declare that the information that I will provide is correct to the best of my knowledge.