For questions about archaeological sites, ancient monuments, historic buildings and landscapes for development, land management or research purposes

This page is for making an Historic Environment Record (HER) Enquiry. You can read more about the West Berkshire HER here.

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    1. Historic Environment Record (HER) information is available in several ways depending on the purpose of the search. A selection of database records can be searched online, but data derived from the Heritage Gateway is not acceptable for use in desk-based studies associated with development, planning and land-use changes.

      Planning applicants should describe the significance of any heritage assets affected and the National Planning Policy Framework (2019: para 189) states that, “as a minimum the relevant historic environment record should have been consulted and the heritage assets assessed using appropriate expertise where necessary”. More detail can be obtained by submitting this enquiry form.

      All users must abide by our terms and conditions, which are designed to conserve and protect West Berkshire's heritage assets. Most non-commercial enquiries are free of charge.

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