For events that include selling alcohol, providing entertainment and serving hot food or drink.

This page is to apply for a licence. You can read more information relating to licencing here.

If you would rather download and print a copy of this form, you can do so on - Temporary Event Notice form. Please return the form to the Licensing team.

  1. Introduction

    1. Before completing this notice, please read the guidance notes

      An individual must be aged 18 or over to give a temporary event notice.

      The premises user must, no later than 10 working days before the day on which the event is to start, give the TEN to the licensing authority in which the premises is situated, together with the prescribed fee of £21:00

      Payment can be made online at the end of this form using the following methods of payment:-

      The licensing authority will give to you written acknowledgement of the receipt of the notice.

      I, the proposed premises user, hereby give notice under section 100 of the Licensing Act 2003 of my proposal to carry on a temporary activity at the premises described below.

  2. Section 1. The personal details of premises user
    1. Note 1

      A temporary event notice may only be given by an individual and not, for example, by an organisation or club or business. The individual giving the notice is the proposed premises user. Within businesses, clubs or organisations, one individual will therefore need to be identified as the proposed premises user.

      If you include an e-mail address in section 1(7) or 1(9), the licensing authority may send to this the acknowledgement of receipt of your notice or any notice or counter notice it is required to give under sections 104A, 106A or 107 of the Licensing Act 2003.

    2. 1. Your name
    3. 2. Previous names
        1. Please enter details of any previous names or maiden names, if applicable
    4. 3. Your date of birth
    5. 4. Your place of birth
    6. 5. National Insurance Number
    7. 6. Your current address
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      2. Current Address Postcode
      3. Current Address Details
      4. 7. Other contact details
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      5. 8. Alternative address for correspondence
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          1. Alternative Address Postcode
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      6. 9. Alternative contact details
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