Application for free transport to a non-West Berkshire Council School.

This service is for applying for free transport to a non-West Berkshire Council school. You can read more about applying for free home to school transport here

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  1. Post-16 students and young people attending a special needs school or resource unit should not use this form. Please select the appropriate form from
  2. Entitlement to Transport
    1. Choice of School
      1. Is the school the nearest school to your home address? *
      2. Does your child have an Education, Health and Care Plan? *
      3. Note: If you have chosen a school which is not the nearest to the home address, this is called parental preference. We expect parents to have considered how to get their child to school before making their admission choices. For example, this could include the use of a friend or a child minder, or making use of before and after school clubs to fit around work commitments. You may also be able to access a Fare Payer place on the school bus, which incurs a fee. It is your legal responsibility to get your child to school, including ensuring that they are accompanied, if necessary. You would not qualify for transport if your choice of school is parental preference.

    2. Distance
      1. Is the walking distance from your home address to the school more than 2 miles (for a child aged 4-7 or 3 miles for a child aged 8 years or older)?
      2. More than 2 Miles for under 7 or more than 3 miles for aged 8 years or older? *
      3. Note: The expected walking distance to school from the home address is 2 miles for a child under the age of 8, and 3 miles for a child aged 8 and over. If the distance is less than this, you would not qualify for transport under the distance requirements.

    3. Low Income
      1. Do you qualify for free school meals? *
      2. Do you qualify for maximum working tax credit (with no deductions)? *
      3. Note: We assess entitlement to low income criteria by using the national guidelines. If the answer to both the questions is No, then you would not qualify for transport under the low income requirements.

    4. Exceptional Circumstances
      1. This could include:
        • Parental disability or Temporary medical condition for a parent (Where one parent is affected, we would expect other adult(s) with parental responsibility to take the child to school or make appropriate arrangements.)
        • Temporary medical condition for the pupil
        • Temporary re-housing
        • Concerns about the walking route for child, accompanied by an adult

        We may ask you for evidence to support your application, and this may need to be considered by a Senior Manager.
      2. Are there exceptional circumstances which we need to consider? *
      3. Please supply some information on the exceptional circumstances
        1. Note: It is the parents’ legal responsibility to ensure that a child is accompanied. Circumstances relating to an unaccompanied child will not be considered.

          It is the parents’ legal responsibility to get their child to school and this may include making appropriate arrangements (including around work commitments).

        2. Character Counter