To report an incident of personal injury or damage to your property

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  1. Before using this service please note
    1. Under the Highways Act 1980:

      The injury or damage has to be proven that it's our fault and not we're required to pay claims for general wear-and-tear

      We aren’t expected to check every road daily, we’re required to take “reasonable care” to make sure our roads are safe. We look at our maintenance and inspection records over the last 12 months when considering a claim.

      To look into your claim, we need to know:

      • Exactly where the incident happened
      • Exactly what damage you believe was caused

  2. How this service works
    1. You can use this service to report an incident of personal injury or damage to property. On receipt of your incident report we'll confirm the reference number.

      In certain circumstances, your information may be forward to the council's liability insurer who will formally acknowledge receipt within 21 working days.

      You can read more information about this service here and should you have any queries, please email

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