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EHA Consultancy for Local Councils and CCGs

Setting up an Emotional Health Triage (EHT) or Emotional Health Academy (EHA) in your local area

Emotional Health Academy - quote from Richard Benyon, MP

We are able to offer consultancy services to other local councils and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to assist in creating their own versions of the Emotional Health Triage (EHT) or Emotional Health Academy (EHA), catering to the needs of their locality.

Working with our Training and Consultancy Lead provides an opportunity for local councils and CCGs to:

  • benefit from an 'off the shelf' service, which can be adapted to suit local needs
  • understand how to sell an EHT and EHA commercially in their area
  • have a go-to person for support and guidance
  • save money, with early intervention saving resources in the long term
  • support the wellbeing of young people and their families in the local authority or CCG

Service packages

EHA Training and Consultancy Services offer these services for purchase at three distinct package levels - bronze, silver and gold. There is also the opportunity to purchase additional days as required.

Packages include:

Creation of a Triage Service

Assisting local councils with integrating their current mental and emotional health services into a triage service which signposts to the relevant support networks for their area.

Creation of a Schools Offer

Assisting local councils in setting up and creating a schools offer. Schools inside or outside the locality can then purchase the services of Emotional Health Workers to work with children and young people who have emotional difficulties.

The service can be used in the schools in a number of ways, including one to one support for a child, group work and staff training and awareness.

We also offer standalone day workshops on the following areas:

  • Why invest in an EHA or EHT?
  • How to write a Business Plan or Strategy for an EHA or EHT
  • How to develop and set up an Emotional Health Triage
  • How to sell your EHA into schools

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