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Greenham Business Park Local Development Order

What a Local Development Order (LDO) is and those currently in effect

A Local Development Order (LDO) provides a streamlined planning process that local planning authorities (LPAs) can adopt to boost development in their areas.

The National Planning Policy Framework allows LPAs to use LDOs to effectively grant advance planning permission in suitable locations. This deals with all the key planning issues and sets out development parameters or 'ground rules' (for example, maximum building height), but leaves considerable flexibility over exactly how and where new buildings can be developed within the agreed areas of the site. 

Proposals that are within the agreed development parameters will be able to proceed following the submission of a pre-development notification to the council, reducing the time it takes to process the notification to three weeks. This is a significant time saving compared to normal planning applications. For applicants and the council, it also means significantly less time and cost is involved in preparing and considering an application, as all the key planning issues have already been addressed. The overall effect is a significantly streamlined planning process.

Current LDOs

Icon for pdf Greenham Business Park LDO [476KB]  was adopted in December 2018.

Supporting information:

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